Panettone means Christmas and good things that taste of tradition, of families sitting at the table, of sweet goodness to be shared during the holidays.

If Christmas time is in fact rich in traditional sweet panettoni, what could be better than enjoying one that brings together the best traditional recipe with a touch of tasty Sicilianity with lots of frosting and is preservative-free? Sicilian chocolate panettone for those with a sweet tooth, pistachio panettone for those who love the irresistible taste of dried fruit and especially of the famous “green gold”. Apple panettone, apricot panettone, pear and chocolate panettone, or peach panettone for those who love the taste of dried fruit mixed in with the goodness of a soft dough. Sicilian almond panettone, classic Sicilian panettone, and simple Sicilian panettone are instead the favourites of those who, between waiting for Father Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Epiphany, want to carry on paying homage to tradition with taste and simple goodness that comes in a tin or sack..